Transition Management

Examples of RESULTS
  • Collaborated with two cross-functional teams in a large poser plant to identify and implement improvements. Savings of over $6 million resulted from the team chartered to develop engineering and operations improvements without compromising safety or productivity. Recurring annual of $3.2 million resulted from the team that was chartered to overhaul an extensive technical training curriculum without interfering with the attainment of instructional objectives.

  • Trained and coached five work groups and their managers in a city's large operations and maintenance department to successfully transition to self-directed teams. Implementation resulted in a more agile, productive, and committed workforce and a reduction in the number of supervisory positions needed.

  • Worked with the leadership team of a utility to help them evaluate the effectiveness of their current structure and to identify and implement organizational improvements.

  • Designed and delivered training for managers of a foundation to enhance their listening, assertive communication, and goal setting skills to assure that the requisite managerial competence existed to successfully implement the organization's reengineered performance planning and review system.

"Carl is a consummate professional consultant. He brings both depth and technical knowledge to the table and has a great facilitative work style. I have found him engaging, interested, productive, and always delivering as promised. My business colleagues all share this opinions."

Human Resources Executive, High Tech

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